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Our CheerSPORT Classes are now accepting new athletes for term 4!

Why CheerSPORT 

CheerSPORT is a fun and safe environment where athletes make lifelong friendships, experience sporting challenge, and take away life skills that transfer into adulthood. CheerSport is a perfect introduction into the fun, glam world of Competitive cheerleading with lower costs, less commitment and maintaining a balance of fun and structure. We take gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and lifting and create a 1 min 30 routine for the athletes to perform at a showcase to friends and family and also at an Auckland competition at the end of the year. Athletes can work their way through the 6 grades with CheerSPORT or choose to transition into one of our Elite competitive teams at the start of a new year to extend their skills. 

Training and Competition
5-9yrs Mini (Vortex) Fridays 5.30-6.30pm
9+yrs Junior (Kinetic) Friday 6.30-7.30pm 
(Through the school term)
You must be able to commit from term 1 through to the end of term 3
Competition: Auckland 20th September 

Term fee: $150 (includes competition entry fee)
T-Shirt and bow $75 (Due term 1)
Choreography Fee $40 (Due term 1)
Plain black bike shorts
White sports shoes


Start Date: You can join a CheerSPORT class at anytime during the year if spaces permit.

Training time: Classes are 1hour/week, Fridays 5.30-6.30pm and 6.30-7.30pm
We run alongside the school terms and break for school holidays.

How do I join: Email to sign up for a free trial.

New to Cheer: New athletes are welcome, you do not need any skills or experience to start cheerleading, we will teach you everything you need to know!

On Arrival: Please make yourself known to a staff member who will direct athletes to their class.

Wear: Close fitting athletic attire, clean sport shoes, hair tied up, no jewellery.

Bring: Water Bottle

Structure: Classes start with a fun warm-up routine before covering body strength, stretching, lifts, pyramids, a little tumbling and will finish with learning and perfecting the CheerSPORT competition routine.
In term 4 we will focus on progressing each athlete's tumble and stunting skills, routines will begin being choreographed in term 1 2021.

2020 Term Dates:

  • Term 1: Monday 3rd February to Thursday 9 April
  • Term 2: Tuesday 2nd June to Friday 3 July
  • Term 3: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
  • Term 4: Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December


"My daughter has been attending Zero Gravity for a term. Her progress and the fact that she ends her training sessions tired, smiling and looking forward to her next session is testament to the skilled, passionate, and kind coached here. Additionally, their organisation and communication skills are superb. I am really impressed."

"Cheer has opened up a whole new learning journey for our daughter. She is focused on improving her skill level and enjoys showing others what she can do. Cheer has helped her grow in self confidence which reflects in other aspects of her life and makes me feel proud. While the Zero Gravity coaches are supportive and well liked they command respect and offer a level of coaching that far exceeds expectation. Although she has been doing Cheer for just a year she is keen to do it long term and the older girls are role models for the younger girls. Thanks Zero Gravity"

"Our experience with Zero Gravity Cheerleading has been amazing from day one. Our girl's confidence since joining a recreational team went from broken to unbreakable when she joined a competition team!! She is an only girl between two brothers and has always been the only girl in her sports teams till we found Zero Gravity. Being a part of Zero Gravity and her team is the closest thing to sisterhood she knows and she absolutely loves it!! Coaches are skillfully talented and amazingly patient - super blessed to be part of the ZG Cheer Family!!"