Terms and Conditions

Recreational Classes Terms and Conditions

Term Dates 2019
Term 1: Monday 4th February - Saturday 13th April
Term 2: Monday 29th April - Saturday 6th July
Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Saturday 28th September
Term 4: Monday 14th October - Saturday 21st December

We are excited to share with you our recreational cheerleading classes, designed to teach you cheerleading skills and to prepare you if you wish to join a competitive team in the future. Zero Gravity Cheerleading has been competing for 10 years and our athlete’s accomplishments have made our club a recognised and respected name across the country in the sport of All-Star Cheerleading.

Public holidays and important dates
Please note, we do not run recreational classes throughout the school holidays or public holidays. As we are primarily a competitive club there may be instances where a class cannot run due to all coaches traveling out of town for competition. The competition dates are set out below that may fall on a recreational class day:
Saturday 3rd August - Monday 5th August (Competition)
Friday 1st November - Monday 4th November (Nationals)

If for some reason, you are unable to continue with classes, please contact us at accounts@zgcheer.co.nz No refunds will be given should you decide to discontinue class.

Please request to join the team Facebook page by searching Facebook for “ZG Cheer Recreational” or follow the link www.facebook.com/groups/853467848093900/members/
Notices and relevant information will be communicated via this page.

Parents please feel free to make use of our waiting room and toy corner to occupy siblings and to avoid distraction, as we only allow enrolled children to use the gym equipment. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at accounts@zgcheer.co.nz

Parent Assisted classes
If your class is Parent Assisted your child will need a parent/caregiver to assist them for the duration of this class. There will be a designated play pen to entertain younger siblings as we only allow enrolled athletes and 1x parent helper on the floor during the class. 

By completing payment for a Recreational class online you are agreeing to the following:

Athletes are to arrive with hair tied up, clean sneakers, water bottle and appropriate sportswear for tumbling and stunting each session. Dresses, skirts, loose fitting tops, jeans and jandals are not appropriate attire. Coaches reserve the right to exclude athletes from participation due to health and safety hazards if these guidelines are not abided by.

The activities at Zero Gravity Cheerleading have precautions and progressions put in place to minimise physical injury, however I accept there are still risks of injury involved in participating in these activities. If at any time a participant sustains an injury coaches must be notified immediately. I agree to seek professional healthcare to treat and manage all injuries.

Submitting your enrolment form does not guarantee you receive a space in the class. Your enrolment is subject to payment, participant suitability, and spaces available at the time of submission. Participant’s suitability is subject to coaches professional discretion and we reserve the right to move participants to the most suitable class for their ability.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our program who does not abide by our gym rules and values. This includes but is not limited to inappropriate conduct, unsportsmanlike behaviour, or illegal activity. This applies to family members and associates of participant.

I agree for the named athlete to be used in advertisement material for Zero Gravity or to promote cheerleading in general, this includes the rights to photograph and film the athlete during lessons, events and performances and to publish in media such as but not limited to web sites, social media, flyers, posters, newspapers and videos.

Thanks, from the team at Zero Gravity Cheersports, we look forward to working with you!